Taxi Driver – The original Mindfuck

Released 40 years ago in 1976 this is a Robert De Niro classic - this movie sees De Nero playing a lonely, lowlife, lifeless insomniac, who is an ex marine and drives a cab to kill time as he has nothing better to do. Seeing the movie today I would have loved to say that this would been a career making movie for De Niro, but then the man already had GodFather 2 from 1974 under his belt. 

The movie enjoys a cult status and often is part of Top lists of all time. The dark & nightmarish feel of the movie is well balanced by almost endearing naivety of the character of Travis Bickle - the New York cabbie played by De Niro.

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Designated Survivor : Michigan Gone Rogue

It’s the day after the attack which destroyed entire leadership and capital of United States of America, leaving 11th in line, the designated survivor as the President of the states.

Its the day one and country has not yet started coming to grips from a catastrophic attached matched only by 9/11 in past, the president is already struggling with governors and generals going rogue.

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Scorpion – This show has brains with sense of humor

Stumbled upon Scorpion on Netflix today – a 2014 TV show with 2 seasons already under its belt. Started with the first season and it has got me hooked. Its the story of crime fighting geniuses who are social misfits. They work as team called Scorpion and its members are the only family that most of them have.

The show has lot going for it to keep you hooked. Cannot vouch for technical accuracy for whatever is shown, as the makers do take several cinematic liberties throughout the show however its all stitched together very well to make for an engaging watch.

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Designated Survivor : Netflix Pilot Show Review

Last couple of years have seen House of Cards get lot of fame and popularity, while Veep which has just bagged the Emmy for the best comic show of 2016. From what it would seem – Capitol and White house are in fashion these days. Btw.. when was The West Wing? Not too log ago I suppose.

Designated Survivor – As per the show the US secret service or the government has a protocol – during State of the Union they take one cabinet member to a secret location. This person takes over the reigns as president of United States in case of a catastrophic attack on government.

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Mr. Robot – TV Show – Emmy 2016 Best Actor Rami Malek

Honestly speaking I am a tad bit surprised that Mr. Robot got enough attention to get an Emmy for its Lead Actor : Rami Malek. My surprise has nothing to do with the quality of the show and performance of Rami in the lead – both of which are top notch, but I am surprised because I thought no one would have noticed this one.

Anyhow, now that we know that Rami has bagged the Emmy – I think the show would get some much deserved attention. At the outset – the show was a bit confusing for me – was it because of my stupidity or by design of script is for you guys to watch and tell.

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Game of Thrones : Show Review – 2016 Emmy Winner

I have been fortunate enough to see all seasons of Game of Thrones or GOT as it is popularly known and seen its rise to SUPER StarDom in last half a decade. Well using ‘super stardom’ as an adjective here but honestly speaking the show has set new benchmarks for the adjective and nothing in past could define the cult and adulation this Epic Fantasy Drama is enjoying. I am assuming this is what it would have felt in the original Star Wars era.

Its a story of seven kingdoms which an Iron Throne at the center to command them all. The kingdoms are ruled by families – each weird in its own way – and the plot revolves around struggle between these families to get on the throne. The show has some epic battle scenes, plot twists and politics scandals intertwined to give you several heart stopping moments. But all that awesomeness would not have been enough to give it a status that it enjoys – amongst the fans and critics alike.

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Despicable Me / Despicable Me 2 / Minions (3D) – Review

Now this one is fun - in more ways than you can imagine. Not only the movies are well made with high production values, storylines & characters - but its the fun that minions add to our life long after the movies have ended.

Minions were and still are everywhere and once you see these movies, the T-shirt / Shoe / Poster / Toy your young niece or cousin was so fond of - would suddenly start making sense to you.

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True Detective : TV Show Review

This is one of the most critically acclaimed series of recent times. The 2014 release currently enjoys a rating of 9.1/10 on IMBD, which I think is down a few knots. As the show ages and correction would settle in, making it settle more near the 8.5/10 mark. Which is rather sweet I must say.

True Detective is a story of two detectives or investigative police offers who are hunting a serial killer in 2012 – the same killer they thought they had put behind the bars in 1995. Its as intense or dark as they make it these days and they have ensured characters and situations are as fucked up as they can get.

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